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Mrs. Employee at Chipotle who refuses to give me enough Carnitas in my burrito bowl.

You are not paying out of you pocket for that delicious pork you…. uhm…err…pork Nazi. Seriously, you aren’t fooling anybody with that quick grab and drop, put something else on top to cover you stealing my meat. I can handle a lot of meat ok lady. No homo.

Mr. I Suck at Basketball But I’m Hell Bent on Taking Every Shot.

Look homie. You haven’t hit a jumper since ’98 and you are not impressing with your jukin’ and jivin’ still standing in the same place moves. Pass it. I’ll be the first to tell you, I'm somewhat of a ball hog. I'm sure my roommates would call understatement of the century on that comment, but I make more than I miss. While on the topic, Dear guy on Asian team at the Rec. You’re not on Streetfighter. You don’t need to yell HADUKKEN! After every marginally good play.

Mr. Popped Collar.

Put your fucking collar down.

Mr. I Recite Kanye West Lyrics in Conversation Guy.

Oh wait, that’s me. Do you homes.

Mr. I’m Cool Cause My Pants Are Halfway Down My Ass Guy.

Dude. Pull your pants up. Nobody is trying to see your chonies. On the topic however, girls feel free to low rise your pants to your little hearts content.

Mrs. Muffin Top.

Fat girl + Small Pants = Sickness to my tummy. Just because you’re comfortable with your body does not mean everyone else is. In fact, NOOOOOBBBBBOOOODDY is.

Mr. I Yell Random Rap Lyrics Really Loud At Night.

I still love you Pat. I kid.

There you have it boys and girls. If you are one of these people don’t take it personally, just Stop That Shit!

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"... pride is a fool's fortress."