Sunday, June 29, 2008






When I want to see ill art and gnarly tattoos, I visit the Rebel 8 blog[]. These guys have a following that looks to be the hardcore scene. I don't consider myself to be in any scene but I do enjoy different aspects of a "scene". I wouldn't tat a Sailor Jerry style piece on myself but I do appreciate the art in it.


Saturday, June 28, 2008


Louis Vuitton, the ultimate French luxury lugguage label, and Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons, the ultimate fashion rebel, will collaborate in coming September to open a joint store in Tokyo showcasing six one-off bags designed by Kawakubo for a temporary period of three months.

“Yves Carcelle, chairman and chief executive of Louis Vuitton, sitting front row at Kawakubo's show last weekend, said that he was approached by Comme and considers the project a fine way to celebrate 30 years since Vuitton first opened in Tokyo,

Rei Kawakubo stated that the memory of her excitement at the arrival of Parisian luxury in Japan in 1978, resulted in this unlikely idea of the new design duo creating the store within the Comme des Garcons shop off Omotosando.

For Comme acolytes, this move will be considered either as sleeping with the enemy – or a brilliant and imaginative partnership. Kawakubo has re-designed the entire Comme des Garcons store on Kottodori, Omotesando for the Vuitton project.

Kawakubo described her designs as "party" bags, promising multi-handles or two handles morphing into one. All will use the monogram toile, with the LV initials, and the offerings will hark back to the styles of 30 years when Vuitton made only bags and leather goods.”



A very beautiful, lonely girl.
Out of reach.
All she needs is a tight hug.
Make the deep pain depart.
I Love Her.
But she doesn't Love ME.



My heart is heavy.