Thursday, July 31, 2008


Mighty Muggs:: Star Wars Edition



Vanilla Ice in his prime. Check the generic douchebag tattoo.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008


These are the daily things that get captured throughout the week with the BlackBerry.

Red Rock girly drinks. They tasted good but no buzz at all.

Grilled prawn salad with vinaigrette.

Joe always hits the royal. I wonder how much he has lost all together?.?

I see this lady walking in the halls when I go to work. Funky brows! Whoa!!

The hostess cupcake. RIP.

This is what happens when you park in the wrong spot. Yikes!

Tao gogos have huge boobs...





Me: What are you guys doing??!
Them: You can take a picture.
To Each Other: Don't show your face%@




Everytime I see my boy Ton, he's always dressed fresh head to toe. Check the watch.

They are working on their new album now and two songs from finishing it.





Watched Will Ferrell's new movie Stepbrothers tonight. It was funny! Lots of instantly classic jokes. Getting kinda tired. I'm almost ready to go to sleep.

I don't know when I had this but it was delish. Simple is always good to me. White rice, glass nooodles, and chicken bbq... Can't go wrong.



My plan last month was to go to every Thai restaurant here in Las Vegas once a week. The plan didn't go so well. I went to one in the whole month. Went to Archi's yesterday and was surprised with the decor. It had more of an Italian feeling than an Asian one. We ordered the beef pad siu and the mint leaf chicken. The place is rated the second best in Vegas; so, I don't have to say how the food tasted.

These are the other restaurants I plan to visit.

/Best Thai restaurants/

1.Lotus of Siam
2.Archi's Thai Bistro
3.Pin Kaow Thai
4.Mix Zone Cafe
5.Jasmine Thai Gourmet
6.Satay Malaysian Grille
7.Bangkok Orchid
8.Vegas Chinese & Thai
10.Krung Thai

Archi's Thai Bistro
6345 South Rainbow Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 870-5558

Fred calls after and tells me that he's gonna have drinks and sing karaoke. Those kooky kids love to sing. I stopped by to have a couple of drinks.

This dude was into the song. Like really into it. Like an escaped convict singing a scary song. Noone wanted to look him in the eyes. He might have been a murderer that liked to sing. Very scary.

Freddy & Tin.


I'm gonna tag up that whole bathroom.

The last time that white skirt was in fashion was around 8 years ago. Maybe she just stepped out of a time machine.

Mind Erasers supersized times three.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008



Monday, July 28, 2008




The second night was at Prive @ the Planet Hollywood. I'm starting to really dislike the club scene because each place I go to have the douchebag door people that have the "look" that they cannot be bothered. Whatevs. I couldn't bring my cam into the club because they said mine looked too professional. WTF??? Prive was just like any other club but smaller. Security were mad rude. The girls were told to stop dancing on the platforms... WTF was that about???! They spent their money at the club, they should be able to enjoy themselves. Fucking morons!

Melanie & Nikki.

The front of Prive.

Shy all of a sudden. LOL.

Some dude[very enthusiastic] came up to us while I was taking pics. He said it was necessary for her to wear this. IDK.

Tess. Correction Triz per Kristine.

Mel... Niks... Val...

Wait one minute.

The rest of the photos are in Bernice's cam.



Krystel's little sis. Our little sis..



When the homegirls are in town it's always fun. This is the first night.

Tess was my model for the night.

All L-O-V-E.

Good color contrast.

I hate having the hick-ups while I'm eating.

Pizza face.

Roxy was begging.

G'Nite. Work is gonna suck ass tomorrow.