Wednesday, August 27, 2008


What's the difference between art and smut?

I guess it would up to the individual to judge. Takashi Murakami designs for Louis Vuitton. He is known for the really colorful flowers added to the monogram logo on their handbags. It was popular amongst the hipster chicks and the mainstream crowd. He recently had an exhibition of his art at the MOCA in Los Angeles. Google it. His other work is pretty graphic; almost pornographic. Yet it was well received by the mainstream. Is that art or smut?


This is the second volume of the Suicide Girls book. My thoughts on it is that it is art and smut. It's not too graphic but it's still dirty. I re-photographed it and made the pictures mine. It's kinda hacky but I thought the pictures needed to be shared on the blog.

Viewer discretion is advised.





Anyone know where this character is derived from? You're in my generation if you do.




It started off with sangria and tapas last thursday. I didn't know then that it was gonna be a looong weekend.

I caught the Mos Def show last friday. I heard about it from alot of people and I was lucky that his set didn't start until 1 AM. I got off work @ midnight and made it just in time. Cameras weren't allowed.

After the show. Mad faded.

Stopped by Moda to have a late dinner.

Went to the old Tangerine on saturday. It's called Christian Audigier now. Many douchebags rollin around.

Saw a group of prostitutes on our way out.

Had some bbq when I got home. It tasted like bananas. Not so much.

And blue crabs.

I haven't uploaded sunday's photos yet. Enjoy some randoms and porn.


Monday, August 25, 2008







Hahaha... Look @ Floralee.

sd street scene from Nathan Nice on Vimeo.





I would never advocate violence against women......Unless of course they deserved it. Like, a broad stabbing me in the leg with a fork, or sleeping with my brother, or bitches stealing my money etc.... (this hasn't happened to me in case you were wondering).

Here is a story about a chick who got punched in the face by some dude during a public water fight that was advertised on facebook.

At first I thought "what an asshole"...but on closer inspection,it seems that she wasn't throwing water on this guy at all! It was a red soft drink! and he was wearing a white shirt! Now, I'm not suggesting that she deserved to get knocked the fuck out Dee-bo style.

But this chick should have known better. Its a water fight. Throwing a red drink on someone wearing a white shirt is going to get some sort of reaction. Especially if you embarass them in front of their friends. Now, He was way over the top, but, If I did the same thing to him I would be prepared for the same reaction.

A Vagina isn't a licence to take liberties.

Some guys don't give a shit and would kick a girls ass. Some guys are human beings and just lose it. Either way, every person is different and has a line that you shouldn't cross. All too often women nonchalantly cross that line because they think everyone subscribes to the "Never hit a woman" universal rule.

Not everyone does, you never know who you're fucking with. So, either be prepared for a reaction, or just leave it alone!

I have a friend who threw her drink over a guy in a bar because he was being rude to her. Of course he was an asshole and his reaction was to slap her in the face. But, she should have just moved away or left the bar and Not raise it to the next level by emptying her beer over his head.I would never do that to someone with being prepared for a physical show down. So i don't get why women assume its different for them.

Smarten up beeatches.

This dude took the words right out of my mouth. Certain situations call for certain actions. People need to be accountable for the things that they do!

What do you think James Bond?



1) She is overly concerned with material things. -This can extend beyond gold diggers, which becomes more subtle and easier to miss. Look for girls who develop genuine feelings for their clothes, purses, shoes, etc. Things like that.

2) Her family likes you. - A little too much. They're a little shocked she's somehow obscured her psychoses from a normal man.

3)*** She constantly talks about her friends in a negative way. - This one is may be a no-brainer, but if she is catty and bitchy behind the backs of her friends, I guarantee you she will be catty and bitchy behind your back.

4)*** Causes a problem and expects you to fix it.

5) She is seriously into something weird and new-age like energy crystals, astrology, etc. etc.- This indicates extreme delusion and disconnection from reality

6)* Likes any guy that likes her.

7)* Excessive crying for no reason at all.

8) Girls over the age of thirteen who believe in witchcraft.......nuff said

9)* Says music is her life , but cant play a single instrument and has no musical talent herself.- Groupie

10)** Has no female friends at all.

11) Hates all your friends, and won't let you spend time with them, or gives you shit when you do.

12) Takes anti-depressants.

13) Sends you n00dz- Not that there is anything wrong with sending n00dz, i mean i love it. But she's still probably a crazy bitch.

14)*** Girls that have no significant break time between relationships.

15)** A little tooo illustrious sexual past.

16)* Adores people like Paris Hilton,Lindsey Lohan,and any other talentless, money grubbing attention seeking celebutards.

17)* She says all her exes were assholes and treated her like crap.

18)*** Has a tramp stamp.

19) Chicks who say. ' I'm different ' and 'I'm not like other chicks'. - Without a shadow of a doubt is just like every single other chick out there...and probably worse.

20) Goths. - Nut jobs

21) Has or wants breast implants when her tits are perfectly fine.

22) Calls you in the middle of the night for guest list. - Calling anyone in the middle of the night for guestlist for that matter. Party sluts.

23) Has had more than 3 abortions. - Yes 3 is a fair cut off point.

24) Has a journal- Not a blog. Blogs are cool.

25)*** Piercings below the neck. Whore.

26)*** Say she hates drama. - Its a sure fire sign that she attracts drama and or is a major league drama queen.

27)*** Uses alcohol as an excuse for being a slut.

Not calling out any names but you know who you are.



You would think that people would learn their lesson after getting crazy drunk and getting their face smashed in... Yet there were no lessons learned. All that was left over were memories of good times.

That eye will never see the same ever again...


Friday, August 22, 2008