Saturday, January 31, 2009


I remember the time I got in for free at these events. Siiiiigh.

Now I'm paying mad loot to show up. Who's going? I'm there even though the line-up is so so. I just want to be in Cali with my Cali people.


Friday, January 30, 2009


So, I really despise pigeons.


When I lived in SoCal, I was in the San Fernando Valley. The place I lived in was sort of ghetto-ish. Every morning[4 AM] I was awoken by the wonderful sounds of roosters crowing... yes roosters. I lived next to a place that had a makeshift farm with chickens, goats, dogs, etc. I hated that place. I try not to use that word anymore but I really did hate that place.

It is hard to stay in sexy mode talking to a girl on the phone with that soundtrack in the background. And it is even harder to convince a girl to go down on you[romantically] when the sweet sound of goats is outside your window. When I took home first dates, it would always be awkward. Hahahaha. Writing about this right now is giving me a smile on my face. Although I hated the place, I did have lots of great memories there.


I was up until 9am today because a couple of pigeons nested themselves in my storm drain. These birds did not choose the west wing of the house next to the backyard with a bird pond. They chose the drain above my room; so, they can torture me with their claws scraping against the walls and their incessant purring. I'm in a nasty mood all day from the two hour loss of sleep that it makes me want to punch every happy person that greets me at work. My ex's place did not have the proper air conditioning but I would gladly stay at that house with her nagging and lack of cool air over the sound of these nasty birds early in the morning any day. This is my fucken karma and I don't know why. I was kind to animals when I was young. Now... if I see an injured pigeon on the street, I will kick that thing in the neck! Swear to Allah.

They eat pigeons in France.
I will eat the hell out of a pigeon when I get to Paris!
Austins Steakhouse held a wine dinner with hosts Ferrari Carano Vineyards and Winery.

1st Course:
BLT Carpaccio
2006 FC Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley, CA

2nd Course:
Confit of Duck Ravioli in Consomme
2007 FC Fume Blanc, Sonoma, CA

3rd Course:
Classic Warm Spinach Salad
2006 FC Siena, Sonoma, CA

4th Course:
Crab Stuffed Dover Sole with Tomato & Zucchini
2006 FC Chardonnay, Alexander Valley, CA

Raspberry Champagne Sorbet

5th Course:
Kona Crusted Beef with Maytag Blue Cheese & Chive Polenta Cake
2004 Prevail West Face, Alexander Valley, CA

6th Course:
Peanut Butter & Chocolate Tortellini with Espresso Creme Anglaise
2007 FC El Dorado Noir, Russian River Valley, CA

I didn't post the finished product this time. I thought it would be more exciting[imo anyway] to post the process of cooking, plating, and presenting. My favorite course was the duck confit ravioli. This dish is what I want my cooking to be all about. It was classic, simple, clean, flavourful, and complex all in one. And it tasted soo good.


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Tuesday, January 27, 2009




We had a tradition in high school to celebrate birthdays. We would go to the celebrant's house early in the morning and kidnap them. They had to go to school in what we picked out for them to wear. I remember celebrating Alberto's birthday one year... he was brought to school unshaven, teeth unbrushed, hair f*cked[we had long bangs back then that needed major maintenance], with an extra small shirt[I think it was his little sister's], with short ass shorts, with only one dress sock, with one tennis shoe, and with one dress shoe. I wish I had a camera back then. F*ckin high-larious! Is that why Bert hate all of us? Hahahahahaha! We did alot of f*cked up, fun, funny things back in the day.

Does anyone remember the story of Alan's nuts in his backpack? Hahahahaha!! He got expelled that day. Damn! Our dean was a dickhead!!

Here's the Class of '96 and '99 here in 2009. Happy Chinese New Year, Brian!

My boyz since high school.
Mik the Nurse... Ton the Rapper... Brian the sexy VietMexican... Mike the Doctor... Eye.

Swear to Allah this wasn't planned. Hahahaha.

Paolo and his chick. Thanks for the drinks, homie!

This is one of the dudes[Brian Nguyen] we punk'd in high school.

He's all grown up and was handing out paybacks! Hahahahaha. And then he licked Mik's mouth. Bwahahahahahaawtf?!?

Jaimie... Mike Mendoza... Kris.

Rona: Just cause you liked it when Brian kissed you... doesn't have to mean that you're gay.
**Don't qoute me. HAHAHAHAHAHA

We turned the Caesars lobby into our own club.

Jaimie... Mike... Anna... Rona.

Mik: Dood!! You licked my mouth!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Brian has that look again. He's going in for a second kiss. LMAO.

Mike... Rona... Anna.

Mike and Brian have a little bromance going on. Hahahaha.
Mike is married to Rona and Brian is married to Anna, btw.

Headin back to Bally's.

Jaimie and Anton.

Everyone was faded except for Jaycee. We had to stop by Mike's room to have drinks before going to Red Rock.

So, Brian comes up with an idea that everyone had to hold their chest all the way to the room. Whoever lets go has to take five shots of Jack. Random.

We were running through the whole casino chanting!

Hold. your. titties! Hold. your. titties! Hahahahahahahahahahaa. Way too much!

They were clearly faded.

I don't know why but Rona dropped and gave us twenty... with ease.

Mad impressive. I don't know too many five footers that can do man push-ups. *Anna did some girl push-ups.

Deuces in the back.
I was looking for the pron channel.

First drink of the night. Zero to sixty in 30 seconds.

We popped the bubbly...

... then began to party.

Anna and Rona kept drinking with me. Propers.

Mike kept drinking with me. Propers.

I'll finish the rest... I was the one that brought it.

Brian was focused on something else. UUHHH!

People are always *wink* hooking up in my backseat.

This was Brian talking about the good ole days... all the sh*t we put the underclassman through. I do not remember a thing cause I was drunk and concentrating on trying to get to Red Rock safely. Got lost twice. LOL!

Finally got to RR ten minutes late. It wasn't that bad, Mike... stop the cryin!

After Surfer's On Acid... never seen Mike let loose.

Rona was D-U-N.

Rona took over my camera and took this sick paparazzo shot.


Can't stop... won't stop. Had a couple more after this.

The Red Rock wasn't our last stop. We headed to Cafe Moda after for a laaaate dinner. I don't remember much but I know Brian was singing karaoke without loooking at the screen. He knew all the words! LOL. We took over that spot! Hahahaha.

Got home at 7am and had to work the next day.