Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Every night is starting to mashup into one thing. The different people coming each weekend is the only constant change. This night was an SFV invasion. I saw lots of people from the 818 including the Bama Boys, the Irvine people, and Dre with his Asian wife. Dre is Indian I think but he was always in to Filipinas. I remember talks about girls in his car all the time. Flashback. Saw Jon and his friends also. The last Jon and Eye got wasted together was on my birthday 5 years ago. His girlfriend at the time said I was hitting on her. Giving her kissy faces and such. First of all, that is not in my character. If I hit on a girl, it's more blatant. Licks to the face or pokes to the bewbs[when I'm really drunk] is more the M.O. I was superdrunk that night and she was too. So, I guess we'll never know the real story. Kissy faces!?! C'MON!


I'm getting "CLUB LIFE" inked over my stomach.

We don't pay to get in to clubs. It's NOT about the money.. it's about the principle. On a related subject, we don't wait in lines either. Just degrading.

Poolside. Island Bar.

How many stripper poles do you see just at the entrance?

We don't need training wheels, George!!

Not sure but I think that dude is wearing a girl's tank top.

Patreezy with a little bit of lime.

Pretty sure now that he's wearing a woman's tank. Krave is in the other end of the strip, guy.

What happens here...

Bama Street Mike was in the building! Ninja is still swole!

Asian girls look mad young. This girl is prob in our age range but she looks like she's 18. Maybe it's just me.

Hitting on a girl with a fiance/bf/husband is a DB move. Just sayin.

I see buffalo. And just to let you know, Mik. That's NOT attractive. Just sayin.

I don't know much......... but I know I love you. Forgot her name.

I did not take this picture. I don't take them that way.

Got hungry for pancakes.

I was drunk and I thought this dude was being disrespectful[like licked on her titty in the pic].. We reviewed the photo and he apologized for the misunderstanding. I let it go and he kept it moving.

When I hit on a girl, I talk about her shoes. She was talking about my hat. Compliments are always welcome but straightforward action is much more effective. Still don't remember her name.

Jon.. I SWEAR TO BABY JESUS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR THAT I DID NOT HIT ON YOUR GF or YOUR EX. Jen misunderstood my friendliness as flirting. Bwahahahaha.

You took it off with your mouth? Noiice!

Wait. From her?!? Give it back and gargle with bleach.

Vegas weather is hittin the triple digits everyday now.

Finished off the night with gold dresses.

Nite folks.


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