Friday, July 31, 2009


Jen invited me to xS on a friday night and I was really surprised because we usually are the ones that have to drag her out. I said I would meet; so, I get ready and head towards the strip. I find out that Jen was NOT at the club. She was at Doreen's pad instead. WTF?!? homay.. you invite me to a place and you don't show up? Mad flaky. I head to Doreen's to do what I figured I needed to do.. drag her ass out. I walk in to the place and these knuckleheads are playing pusoy dos two on two couples style. Superghey. I see Jen's "man" and I knew she was grounded for the night. All she had to say was that and it would have been kosher. They asked me to stay but it was couples yahtzee night and I didn't want to impose. At least offer me a drink first.

I've had Blue Moon but not that.


They get in to that game.

I'm one to use big words from time to time[I took my PSATs]. But I don't understand Will's anecdotes sometimes. Most times.

They were drunk[I'll use this word] at this time and were hysterically laughing at everything.

Misplaced anger. Remember... if you can dish it you have to take it as well.

Ozzie and Harriet. SMH.

Next week is Bay Area craze.


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