Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I was reading a blog and it inspired me to write an entry. I was once in a relationship with a girl that adored me[I know this from looking into her eyes and the way she looked at me from old photos.] but I treated her like garbege. I played with her mind and only called her on booty call hours when I was in need of that certain release. She would do anything for me but I knew that the relationship would not work out because of the warning signs. She was young, pretty, on drugs, and had hooked up with my best friend at the time. No judgments but certain lines should not be crossed. I could not forgive her for the last one even when she tried tried to make it up. I say "relationship" because I would constantly tell her that I wasn't her BF. Don't ask me sh*t about anything was the attitude. I was young with a stamp'd mindset. Wrong me and I'll wrong you three times... it will leave a mark you cannot erase[NO ABUSER].

I left that situation with a better understanding of the female species. The belief at the time was that all girls were the same but in reality no two are alike. It taught me to be patient with females even in those times where I just want to scream at the top of my lungs. I have not perfected this and clearly not close. LOL. The moral of the story is that karma is a pimp. It will come to collect... if not today. On a side note, there was an unconfirmed rumor that she dated this girl. A girl I am superattracted to and highly compatible with. This girl is an acquaintance of mine to this day because it never got past that. I assume that she knows all about me from her. How's that for karma?

It is much easier in the animal kingdom.


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