Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Overly spiked up faux hawk. CHECK!
Sunglasses at night. CHECK!
Bejeweled skull shirts with gold foil writing. CHECK!
Light blue boot cut Diesels. CHECK!
Lil'Wayne wallet chains. CHECK!
White shoes. CHECK!
Bottle service during a recession. CHECK!

All Night Funnys...

Hey man... Ed Hardy is spelled wrong.

Where'd you get your shirt, bro?

What's "Coke Boy"?

This is a Halloween party... where's your costume?

You look like yourself. : | : |


I wanted to make the costume subtle. It's either you got it or you didn't. When I walked in to Cherry, I blended right in. How did I know that?? :/


Dirt Nasty is a douche.. talking about D-BAGS. HAHAHA.


1 comment:

Tina said...

i guess you left the less suitable pictures out of this particular blog. lol. great costume choice, by the way.