Friday, November 20, 2009


"It looks like Palmdale in here..

Fred calls me up and tells me that the crew is at the karaoke spot. Kat was in town; so, I tell her to meet me up. She said she was coming with her sisters... THE TWINS! Kat gets lost like alot and gets to the spot with only half a twin. I promised the boys a pair... they were disappointed no doubt. I was already a little tipsy from the head start. Cool. Let us really drink then. Kat is a no joke drinker. When I was at the VBar with her last... she was drinking vodka straight up. Gangster. At this point people were dancing on tables and girls were kissing each other[not really as cool as it sounds]. I meet a bunch of people and forget their names as soon as I turn around. I'm soo bad at retaining names. I have to work on that.

It was dying out at Boomerangs but the girls still felt like partying. We parted ways with the homies and head to the Red Rock. That place is always dead now. Who hangs out at local casinos? Better yet, someone tell me which local casino is poppin on a weekend. Very curious[NO BRUNO].

We walk into Cherry and it was deceased. Cherry has a SAD crowd. Anyway. Here are the photos from that night.

Wilfredo would not stay still for me to take a proper photo.

She got on top of the bar for me. She looks like a skater chick circa 2002.

George said he drank two[or three] of those big pitchers. I didn't see him drink it but I'm sure he did.

Vodka straight chilled no rocks. Kat's drink. whatTHEfrenchtoast!!

It's 3AM... let's GO clubbing! LOL.

Can you guess what night it was @ Cherry?

Surfers made Kat throw up. She only drinks vodka straight. Take notes!

I can see into the girl's restroom. Awss.

Too much or not enough?

Kat would not let me take a picture of her. And Shiela's friend is mad dark.

Very last Surfer for the night. Time to drive. :/

There was a cop behind us... Shiela had to down her drink.


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