Monday, November 30, 2009



The famlay came down from all over Cali to party Vegas style for the weekend. They touched down on a tuesday night and they were already on full LV mode. I could not start my weekend that early. Plus I had a huge holiday week ahead of me; so, I had to stay sharp. I finally caught up with the crew on a friday night @ the v:bar. Mayhem ensues.

Mike Miller hooked it up with the table service. Thank you.

Mike Miller making big moves.

Shiela and Jaycin.

At first look... this is just a typical picture with Oscar and Ness but take a look again. Someone needs to man up back there!

Jaycin and Kat.

Numero Uno.

La Familia.

I lost my glasses.... AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGG!!

Tita and Tito are both younger than me.

Vanessa and Kitty. My glasses......... *tear

Another gasface victim.

Five drinks and three shots later, I'm slightly twisted. Ness and Eye wander off to the nearest bar to have one last. We talked for a bit and an hour passes. People are looking for us and might be pissed off. My bad, bro. Mind erasers is a hellova drink.

I wake up in the morning in a superfilipino house with this dog trying to lick my face. It took me a minute to recall what had happened. Another good night.


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