Friday, December 11, 2009



It is no secret that some people in the group are feuding right now. Well........ Feuding is not the right word but full on talking sh*t and hating each others guts! [HAHAHA!] We try to stay out of the way and never take sides. But it divides the group most times. Some people don't share where they've been the night before because it might hurt some feelings. Lame I know... grown people should not be acting like this. Sh*t happens though; so, I can't blame. People vent and it's natural. Each side have their points. As long as they don't try to involve me in the drama, I'm willing to listen.

My next point is the most important. IDGAF what they say about each other. It doesn't make me like or dislike the other more. I would like to think that people can make up their own minds and form their own opinions. We are not in high school anymore. Cliques were ghey then... I would not know what to say about it if it existed now.

Let me just say that I will hang out with the ones that make me laugh the most. Fair? LOL.

Last friday started out late @ the Getback. Saw familiar faces and hung out with fam from California. [Side note: What's the deal with striped button-ups, blue jeans, and black dress shoes?? Is that the uniform for Cali tourists??] Anyway... when I hang with Kat; I seem to be more messed up than usual. It's probably because any liqour she drinks is straight up :|. We chill at the Beauty Bar for a bit until we get 86'd. One of Kat's cousins decide to throw up in a trash can in front of a bouncer. Whatevs. It was closing time anyway.

We leave DTLV and head back to the strip to meet with Kat's friends. They had a suite @ the Palms that was too sick. I'm definitely getting a room there for a mini vacay. We had more drinks at the bar before we go to their room. Mayhem ensues.

One Pussy You Can't F*ck With!

Saturday was Shiela and Sarah's birthdays. Visited the fam from the southside @ Blush before heading to Lavo. Anne was drunk. I like Anne when she's drunk. When she's NOT... not SO much. Hahaha. I was feeling like sh*t from the night before. I was not a happy camper. I trooped it and stayed out until the sun came up. UUUGGGHH! It became another great night. Oh... we ate at the Grand Lux! I had the flautas as usual. That stuff always ends my night right.



Tina said...

Haha...great pics. I must say that you have a knack for telling it like it is, but in a way that's actually funny...
i wanna see more. lol.


keep posted, teens.

more to come.

always busy.