Monday, December 21, 2009


Have you ever listened to someone talk about nonesense? You know the type that just talks and talks and talks but nothing useful is coming out of their hole. And when you've had about enough... you see the person across from you with that "look". That superannoyed look that says Shut The F*ck Up!! already. I was in this situation. My reaction turned from annoyance to pure amusement. I stayed there for five more minutes asking random questions just so I can laugh[inside]. Annoying People have their purpose. Thank you.


The SF girls came down to see Kris for the birthday. Everyone was thrashed when I stepped in to Mix. I was faded myself. There were lots of familiar faces but the names escaped me. Andrew looked mad irritated[LMAO]. Gabe was all smiles. I have never seen that ninja unhappy in Las Vegas. Anne was drunk and hyper. Jeanelle was "feeling good" according to her. Nikki was sleepy. Elisa wore HOT shoes.

The pictures came out weird. I pushed a setting on the camera that made everyone's skin look like they had fake tans :/.


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