Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I was walking up to my room @ the Venetian. The halls leading to the rooms is something like an octagon with paths going different directions. Quite tricky to navigate when you are intoxicated. I had not started yet when I meet this girl hanging out on one of the couches there. It was an odd setting. She was laying there by herself without shoes on. Living in Las Vegas for awhile makes you weary of these things. When a chick is alone in a hotel hallway... it's usually a bad night for her. Or she's a prostitute that got kicked out of a room. Whatev. She stared and smiled at me while I walked by her. I said hello to be polite. I walked into my room and get freshened up to get my night started. I wanted it to be a chill night[but that NEVER happens]. I walk out and she was still there. It was obvious that she wanted company. I start [small]talking to her and she seemed nice enough. I ask about her shoe situation and she gives me a half answer. She needed to go back to her room to get it[she asks me to wait for her]. Ok cool. I thought it was weird that she did not invite me in her room. I think I look harmless. People feel comfortable around me[when I want them to feel comfortable]. LOL. Maybe her boyfriend was sleeping in there. I don't know. I wait on the middle couch and start to get restless. I don't like waiting. I bounce and meet the homie at the bar. If the girl is smart, she will know how to find me. She did NOT find me at the bar. Hahaha.

We ended up getting thrashed. [What else is new?] I run in to some Cali folks. These were high school friends but I was too f*cked up... I could not recall most of the names. They remembered me but I did not recognize one face. F*cking Jerk. We leave that particular popsicle stand and walk into Tao. Right when I was about to walk up the stairs; I feel someone hugging me from behind. Surprise, surprise! It was the girl from the hallway. The first words out of her mouth was about having an early flight out. [???] I don't like to be THAT messed up when I'm entertaining. When I started hanging out with her... I was already LIT! I got to know her more and she ended up being really interesting. We drink some more and I take her to the dance floor............................... I watch her dance and I realize that there was not enough alcohol in that club to make me want to hook up with her. It was the biggest turn-off. I make fun of white girls not having any rhythm but this was beyond offbeat. She was cute too. It was downhill after that.

I've been blogging so much this year that BLOGGER won't accept my photo uploads anymore. With over 1000 posts, I don't blame Google at all. I guess FLICKR will get my business in 2010. Happy New Year, Folks!

Went bowling with Carlos, Dee, and Shiels @ the Southpoint. Carlos takes it surious.

CARLOS., originally uploaded by JONATHAN.CALO.


I WIN!, originally uploaded by JONATHAN.CALO.

I don't know what they are doing there.

DIP., originally uploaded by JONATHAN.CALO.

Drinking on a weekday. Tsk Tsk.

D-U-N!, originally uploaded by JONATHAN.CALO.

I met Carl's friends from high school. They got me faded beyond belief. We were getting silly inside of Southpoint.

SHOTS!, originally uploaded by JONATHAN.CALO.

Shiela was knocked!

KNOCKED., originally uploaded by JONATHAN.CALO.

The bowling alley was closing but bars will never...

GROUP., originally uploaded by JONATHAN.CALO.

Shiels has a bubble butt.

BUBBLE., originally uploaded by JONATHAN.CALO.

About a dozen drinks in. Feeling forgetful.

LIT!, originally uploaded by JONATHAN.CALO.

Emo is Carl's homie from way back. Those are his bartender friends. Networking.

This Mexican chick was thick but very cute. Vodka goggles.

Food to go.

Long way from Jersey Shore, Snookerz. Stugats!!

I Do Not Remember A Thing.


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