Monday, September 07, 2009


You ever hear that song or beat or just that break that makes you feel that certain feeling? You could be at home or at work or a backyard party and the first reaction is OOOOOOOOOHHHH! You have to get up and just groove. [This is the point where you click on AMs mix below.] It could be that obscure song that you don't know the title of but it hits you and emotions flow. This entry is dedicated to 90s hip hop and classic rare grooves in my days in Los Angeles.

zSHARE - DJ AM Live at Moomba June 2002 .mp

I'm in Las Vegas now where it is the most mainstream. Las Vegas is more plastic than Hollywood. Las Vegas is a trend from 2002 that just became popular now. When I'm feeling down and contemplating moving back, I visit my LV fam and talk it out. Actually I don't have to say a word... they welcome me with open arms and I feel home again.

The content keeps evolving. Subconciously it sways away from sex. I guess Sally DON'T got a one track mind. It goes back to family. Love these people even with the drama, chaos, pain, drama, psychosis, and the sh*t-talking.

Rho is a pro.


Must not waste.






You guys are the best!

I Wanna Take HIS Face. OFF.

GH is the whitest filipino I know. Ninja is freckled as f*ck!


Quite nippley outside.

Backpack rap.

Carl has epic chest hair. Like 70s Burt Reynolds type epic. I can only hope one day to have that kind of manliness[NO HOMO] in my chestal area. Yeah I just made up a word.


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