Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I was away from the real world this weekend and my mind is still not 100%. I was seeing lots of twitters and FB updates about Kanye going crazy. I guess he punk'd a young country singer chick. I'm just now seeing all the clips of the thing and I think it's funny as hell. People are really surprised he did this but this wasn't the first time. I don't know if it was the Grammys or the AMAs awhile back but he did the same thing. Hahahaha. Douchebag this and asshole that blah blah blah. What do you expect from such an egomaniac? That is why I'm a fan of the guy. He is just THAT entertaining. He reminds me of alot of my friends. You can call Kanye all the names you want but you are just CALLING OUT your inner douchebag you've suppressed all these years. Do NOT be afraid to be an asshole sometimes... it can do you some good.

Dear Kanye West,

I don't care if you spit on homeless people on the way to that boutique hotel after your show. As long as you keep making music I love and is timeless, I will keep supporting you. I DO NOT care how many times you cry about not winning that award for best electro/hip hop/pop/country video. As long as it gets the attention of ex-strippers ex-lesbians like Amber Rose, it will give me the HOPE that I, too, can date a crazy chick just like her. Thank you for being you... the Genius Gay Fish that you are!


P.S. Your music has touched me in the deepest of emotional levels[NO HOMER].


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