Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Restaurants pop up in Vegas every month. It is a neverending search for authentic tastes because everything has been oversaturated and fushioned[watered down]. Sula is one of the many all-you-can-eat korean bbq spots here and they [might] already have my vote for number one. Sula serves a dish that the other places do not. The place is huge... you're not bumping into people while your getting your food. Thank you Doreen and Carl for the meal. It was fun critiquing the food with you guys.

I've been looking for these little shrimps in Vegas for a long time. A place on the strip called Kimchee served it before. It tastes like dried squid. If you don't know...

The kalbi and bulgogi was too sweet for my taste. The unseasoned meats were a good alternative.

I give Sula three and a half stars. Not great but not bad either.

What do you think, professor?


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