Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Drew calls me up on a tuesday and tells me that there's an open vodka bar @ the MGM. I'm always game. I head down south and get ready for some craze. I get to the bar and they were already two drinks down. I had to catch up quick! We take more shots and the vodka they were giving away was not bad at all. Kris came up with a sob story that she hadn't eaten all day and had to slow down. Negative. That wasn't a good enough excuse. If you were calling in sick with a story like that I would tell you to come in. Man up, nig! I kid I kid.

Future so bright I gotta wear shades.

Pucker up, buttercup.

Daktari Stripes.

Get in there deep[NO HOMO].

Once it hits your lips...

Mark of the Beast. 666

I should not judge a book by its cover but I'm pretty sure that dude uses the word ni663r in a racist way.

A dude takes my cam from my hand and asks if he could take a picture of us. You already have it! That's like putting a penis in a vagina then asking if you can have sex. Tard. He said he was a photographer. You be the judge.

Footnote: Kris was going to rip that girl's head off. That story is funny but I'm not allowed to tell it. :/

I could have been really drunk[and I was]. I was walking by this girl and I could have sworn that I saw a piece of brocolli fall out of her skirt. True story.

False idols.

This guy is a witch. He made that card float in mid air.

Still on the fence.

You wanna drive cause you know I can't...

Step two to be continued...


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