Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Two weekends ago I hung out with a group that consisted of 99 people deep. Might be an exaggeration but there was alot of people here. Met some Boston people... SF was down and LA was in full effect. The night started at Pure after I checked in to the room. I bought 1.75s of Gentleman Jack and Goose. There were no mixers; so, we decided to take shots of Jack. That was my first mistake of the night. Fast forward to an hour later and lots of mixing liqours... I'm walking like a zombie and I can't seem to figure out where the hell I am.

I was thinking of Korean BBQ. I was hungry.


Stems galore.

Boston+Los Angeles+San Francisco+Las Vegas.

As usual Joe and Cousin Lou were wearing sneaks. You can't get in to a D-Bag club without a blazer+sneaker combo. I didn't make the rules. Joe rocked the Zara and it fit like an extra medium glove.



Smurfs On Acid.-Gangster Kat

They came to the party waaay too late.

Love Birds.

That's wicked bad!

Let me see your hands real quick.



Venetian Vince+Joe.

Eli got Kanye'd!


I woke up @ noon the next day still intoxicated. I didn't get a hangover until 4pm. eff em elle!!


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