Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Woke up on a saturday morning with no headache or hangover cause I was still drunk as f*ck! If I drove that day I could have gotten a DUI with three times the legal limit. No joke. Everything was spinning including my stomach. I needed food stat cause the party was going on that night and doesn't end until tuesday. We head to a spot with frozen hot chocolate[the hype of the month according to chicks]. It was a hot, hot day and they sit us outside. fml. Whatevs. I was getting sober[with that heat] quicklike.

The food was a disappointment. I didn't really care cause I needed anything. Just anything. If I can say one positive about the place is that the presentation was gimicky but eye pleasing.

I love Lamp.


Frozen hot choco. She is zen.

Gabriel's omelet.

My bleu cheese burger.


nom nom.

After lunch we head back to the rooms to get ready for a swim. We run in to this mariachi band with a dude clenching hard. Did he have to fart? Everyone was curious. Jen comes in for a closer look.

Tomfoolery. Hahahahahaa.

To Be Continued...


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