Friday, October 23, 2009


**This is a post dated entry. I should have blogged this a year and a half ago.

I do not know anyone that still logs on to Myspace but I assume it is teenyboppers and people who just arrived in this country. The latter I'm sure because there is a guy at work that I see adding his pictures and messaging "hot babes" during lunch time. It's a public computer, guy. We can see you!

Myspace was fun but when you see dorks in public yelling out "Myspace!" after taking a picture... you know it was time to drop the thing quick. Myspace was useful as well. I remember "people" would lurk friends pages and find cute girls. "People" would use that information to get to know a little bit about said cute girls. When the introduction came, it was GAME OVER. She fell in love. Douchebaggery. Who would do such a thing? Some people. Hahahaha.

The downfalls of Myspace were devastating. Remember meeting that cool chick way back and having great convos with her. You got to know her slowly and everything moved swimmingly. Then........... she adds you on Myspace and you see all of her f*cked-up public photos. You know which ones. The half naked poses that were selfshot... of course! And don't forget about the f*cked up youtube vids of her half naked... again. The perfect girl persona came crumbling. Some of the sh*t on there is TMI. Why would you post that?! You just got lumped into the "attention craving hoe" category. Here's another question... why is your comments section full of dudes leaving sexual innuendos? I'm all for people doing whatever they please as long as it hurts noone but I'm telling you now that it hurts me right in the heart. Plus it makes you look like a prostitute. So, stop that sh*t!

Now people are abandoning Myspace. Myspace is wack this. Myspace is for little kids that. Facebook has more to offer. How quickly you forget. Myspace offered you hours of enjoyment for FREE. Gratis! I originally wanted to make this post to recap the good times but I just got inspired. I'm keeping Myspace alive! Fuck social norms. When people talk shit about you for being on Myspace, tell them to go fornicate themselves! Tomorrow I'm spamming your Facebooks and Twitters.


Add me, Beaches. Hahaha.

Remember the good times. Everybody could use ONE more drink.

She called my Grenade hoodie a G.I. Joe jacket. Doreen doesn't board and might be a FOB.

That's Krystel giving a dude directions to her room.


Piss on ya cowards.

Err umm uh.

LOL smiley face. LOL smiley face.

New years eve gangbang.

Nikki and Kris when they just started partying in Vegas.

Hahahaha. Douchebag.

Baking in that Austin weather. Check out the fans in the back. I guess they can't afford AC in Texas.

Too pretty. Scissors out.

The way she cut my hair was immaculate. And the way she massaged my head was... what's the word? Orgasmic. Wait... what??

As you scroll down, I'm gonna get younger.

Is Florelee hotter with crutches or without? She looked like a damsel in distress back in the day. Now she just looks like a normal pretty girl. :/

Location: Senor Freds, SFV.

Lena and a genius.

J.A.D.E. Best friends forever.

F*ck your sneakers.

Jen's toes.

Objects In Mirror Are Prettier Than They Appear.

Brother says that I'm adopted. Jokes on you... I'm the lightest one, nigga.

Happy times. Delicious times.

Wake up, sleepyhead.

Apparently she likes it rough. That's cool.

Location: Bev Center, LA.

Black Eyed Pretty.

A.P.: Wait a minute... that's A MAN, BABY!

Since Alemany.

La primera por vida.


Save it for the morning after.
All night @ Cheetahs.

Photoshop Cred: Neesa.

A drama free night. Bahahahahaha.


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