Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Mik calls me up and says to meet up at Tao Beach. I did not want to step into a club this particular saturday night. But you know how Mik does... he doesn't take "no" for answer either. I head to the Venetian and scoped the scene. There were alot of drunken white chicks all over when I got there. I still wasn't feeling it. I told them I couldn't get in[A LIE]... meet me outside and let's get a bite to eat.

We have a couple drinks before we leave. Then George insists that we go to Aloha Kitchen to eat. I wasn't feeling Aloha either but GH says that if we don't go there he wasn't going at all. Whaaaat??! Who does that? Who gives ultimatums? Hahahaha. Whatevs. Not gonna rock the boat. Let's go there then. On the way to Aloha, he gets a call from a girl and they wanted to eat viet. So, where do you think George went? So if I[a friend of many years] say I wanted to eat somewhere else it's a strong NO but one text from a chick you met last month... it's a "be there in a flash". See the discrepancy. Remember what you've been taught all your life. Bros before... Just sayin. Do you think a girl would do the same for YOU these days? Think about it.

It always bums me out when bartenders talk about DUIs. What the french toast??! Mind erased.

You are not drunk at all, ninja. Man up!

Killjoy McGee would not accept a shot from me. I work hard for my money... I don't do that for many people. When I buy you a drink... drink it!

This chick walking towards us had the biggest boobs. I think her man was not pleased that I was trying to take a picture. Hahaha.

Mik and Eye go to VBAR to get one last shot before we meet up with an old friend. Andree still looks the same from high school. She says to go to her pad in Summerlin and chill for a bit.

When we get there, Quest Crew was breakdancing on the living room.

Second attempt.

And no headspin. You lose the battle.

Andree and Julie look like they could be related... similar neck structure.

To Be Continued...


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