Monday, October 26, 2009


You would think that anyone can work a camera. You know because photo taking technology has been around for many years. Like about ten, right? All you have to do is point and shoot... there it is! That is NOT the case. When I hand my cam[*cringes] to somebody, they end up taking pictures with weird angles. Or blurry pictures... Or pictures of someone's half a face.

This time someone actually got it right. Not only did she shoot a clear picture without flash; she knew what the ISO setting on the camera was. I get impressed by odd things. I don't think she was a photographer but she definitely dated one at some point. She knew how to pose; so, I know she'd been photographed many times before. I don't remember much about this picture because I black'd out nasty that night.

Note to self: Stop drinking.
Note to self: Drink in moderation.
Note to self: Stop being silly.


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