Wednesday, October 14, 2009


**As I write this, I'm soo full from an egg white bacon bleu cheese omelette I made here at work. I might not make sense. So very full.

Got invited to Prive on a saturday night. Prive was shut down for corrupt sh*t like drugs, prostitution, and public nudity. I don't really have a problem with one of the three things they got busted for. They reopened a month ago. Prive is not one of my hang-outs cause to be honest... I think the place is wack! Saturday was a reminder. The music they were playing was something out of a middle aged couples wedding. It was painful to see these old women dance to that sh*t. And you know my age; so, when I say they were old... they were OLD. But when you're with your friends, it's always good times.

Met Celia's BF. Homie is blasted from the neck down.

Mik.. that chick is staring at you.

Free drinks =].


They brought this crowd in from Idaho.

I think I dared Doreen to do something here. She did NOT complete the task. FAIL!

This asian chick had a ghetto booty! I had to snap a flick. And yes that chick is barefoot in the club. Classy!

Everyone was drunk and it was time to bounce. They have a rear exit @ Prive. Had a photoshoot on the outside lobby.

I loved her in that movie where she was a lesbian. HOT HOT HOT.

Must. Feel. On. The. Boobie.

This chick saw Doreen's junk from downstairs. She said she had to take a closer look. Pose on, posers.

Someone cut their finger on a piece of glass from their shoe. I have never seen that before. Ever.

More drinks? Sure why not.
The bartender in the middle bar is a c*ck!

Catch up, rookie.

Pit stop then off to the Rhino.

Even LV graf is toy! What the hell is authentic about this town??!

Too much or not enough? Def not enough.

Feelin' on your booty.


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