Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Ten years ago, I was introduced to a massive called Nocturnal Wonderland. It is only fitting that the last massive I attend is Nocturnal. When I saw Planet of the Drums on the line-up, it was icing. Dieselboy and AK1200 are OGs. They've been crowd rockers ever since I started listening to drum and bass. The Nocturnal Festival has changed over the years. The obvious was that I didn't recognize alot of the deejays but the music stays the same. Nocturnal is where you will find the underground sh*t you would not hear anywhere else[not in the States anyway]. When I hear Alice Deejay or Darude getting played in Vegas clubs[like it's new] it makes me fucken giggle. House here is weak!

I had a great time until the candy started to kick in. I was floored most of the night and it was no bueno from then on. I was watching these kids dance but noone caught my eye. Maybe that's the style nowadays... kids being off beat and awkward. I even missed the set I came there for :/. I was feeling dirty[figuratively and literally]. There was a strong chance that these half naked girls I was eyeing were 17 year olds. Ass & titties everywhere and I was reluctant. It was fu*king with my head big time. I could see the disappointment in Anthony's face. That ninja is always on a mission at these things. Oh well, last one bud.

Maybe not the last one... we are going to LOVEFEST next year!


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