Friday, October 30, 2009


Teens invites me to a theme birthday party @ the Panorama Towers. I was hesitant because I didn't know the celebrant. There was mention of a full bar with bartender on site. Ok then that sounds cool. I get to the spot and the place looked swanky. Met up the crew and the first thought in my head[when we walk in] was how I can get them drunk quick. I spot the stripper pole and the bulb lights up. Who do you think would be the first on that pole? Would it be the black chick, white girl, mexican, or the asian? They chose the wrong answer. They had to take shots. shots. shots. Who cares if I fixed it? Thank you, Teens. Bahahahaha.

After many shots later, things start to get blurry. I [semi]notice a girl trying to talk to me but I was too drunk to pay attention. She must have thought I was a d-bag. Hahaha! I don't know... if you want to keep my attention; try putting on some make-up or fix your hair. It is a party after all. Have some pride in your appearance. Take notes from the cheerleader for example. I asked her to dance for me and she did. Eazy.

The bartender takes a break and I take over. After serving my friends[and myself] patron shots... my body goes on cruise control. I do not remember much about that night but I know I had fun. The pictures speak...


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Tina said...

oh wow jc. just saw this. what can i say except that it seems like you picked these pics on show the random drunkenness that goes on at these panorama parties. lol. glad you had fun and that i helped you win your little wager.