Tuesday, December 02, 2008


"[Tina Fey is] the sex symbol for every man who reads without moving his lips."

Jesus, I’m so over this bullshit, that liking Tina Fey means you’re somehow more cultured or refined than dudes who like pretty sluts. It reminds me of when everyone was blowing up Coldplay in ‘99 as this new great “thinking man’s band” that only smart kids could like, where in reality they’re just the boring white kids’ band to mix in with your Radiohead bootlegs and whatever williamsburg garage band you’re into any given week. I’m not saying I don’t like her - I do and I would totally be down for a five-way with her and the Plastics, but to everyone who thinks they’re somehow more evolved for wanting to fuck a funny girl with glasses than a socialite or supermodel, get real. The nerd-girl sexual empowerment is no different than tramps with tribal tats above their asses - a superficial signifier of “come and get me” - and in most cases this type of girl only becomes a sex symbol for these “intellectuals” because it’s a fetishization of the easy prey, the nerdy girl they still couldn’t have during their antisocial youth but saw as theoretically more attainable than the popular girls. I have a lot of very smart, very successful friends whose girls are more often playmates and strippers than postergirls for misanthropy or introversion, and I know a lot of amazingly bright girls that look more like Alessandra Ambrosio than like Jeanine Garofalo.

To gauge a man’s stature based on his fondness for one girl over another (or one type more than another) objectifies women and only furthers the stereotype that this is what a girl has to look like to be smart or to be taken seriously. So I’m not saying Tina isn’t hot, she is, but lets stop pretending that there’s something inherently more enlightened about dudes (and girls) who want to fuck her.



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