Monday, December 01, 2008


I never realized how much I cannot stand dudes until recently. It’s like all they fucking think about is cumming. It’s the only thing that matters to them. I suppose that’s fine, I mean we all agree it’s pretty rad to cum, but dudes are just so fucking nasty about it. You never see chicks walking down the street staring at dudes with ‘I want to fuck the shit out of you’ faces. It’s one thing to want someone, that’s cool, but fuck man, KEEP THAT NASTY ASS CUM FACE TO YOURSELF.

The other day I was walking on the beach and I saw these dudes walking towards me. A group of girls had just walked passed them and, of course, the guys gave the chicks these dirty faces and started saying who knows what nasty shit to them. The girls just ignored them and kept walking. And I KNEW they were going to do the same thing to me. So as our paths crossed, I gave them a mean stare and, since they are predictable fucking men, they started saying some dirty shit. I couldn’t really hear them, thank god, but I knew it was gross and I knew it was rude and I knew it was fucking disgusting. So I turned around and started screaming at them to shut the fuck up and of course if just got them more riled up. I spotted a huge rock on the floor, about the size of a baseball, and I picked it up and threw it in their direction. It hit the uglier one on the back of his head and he fell to the floor. The other pussy ass dude just ran and left his friend there. I hope that asshole is brain damaged now. Fucking perverts.

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