Friday, August 21, 2009


Some things I never leave home without.

1. The CrackBerry

This does not leave my side. I don't know what it is exactly but it calls to me in my sleep.

2. Dita Beretta

I am not claiming that I was the first to rock these but I know that I was wearing them before that poseur from The Hills played it out.

3. MGM Dollar Chips

I've had these chips for three years now. We never hang out over there. :/

4. Magic Keys

Self explanatory.

5. Blistex Lip Balm

Some people use beezwax and others have chapstick. This is the only one that works for me. One day without it and I start chewing on my lips. Ugh.

6. Trident White Peppermint

The claim that it whitens teeth might not be true.

7. Gucci Monogram Wallet

The threading on the design wears out the longer you wear it. It is like cultivating a pair of raw denim. You can't really tell from the pictures but it is coming along real nice. If you do not know what I am talking about... Get Familiar.

8. The Canon G10!

I drop my cameras.. alot. The murdered out case looks brand new even with all the drunken wear and tear.

9. The Gentleman Kerchief

I am just trying to help you out cause you are a HOT MESS. You might have a drinking problem. You should look in to that.


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