Sunday, August 16, 2009


Las Vegas is a town where people are objectified. In our case, it is females because the girls in our group think male strippers are no bueno. They go to strip clubs with us and join in on the fun. Which is cool because the women I know that like male strip clubs are mad old. Not this guy's demographic.

I hear the complaints. We call women hoes... we treat them like sluts. NEGATIVE. There is this notion that women are "victims". I often see wolves in sheep's clothing. Women these days play the game... differently. So, the next time a girl complains to you about a guy that is mistreating her... take a second look. She might not be the victim she portrays herself to be.


Before the SF trip, I spent some Qtime with the LV fam.
Pho Kim Long. Say it... it's FUN!

"That shirt makes you look like a gay cowboy."
This is a comment from a guy that asks me for fashion advice. PSSSH.

It's just food, Carl. Not. That. Serious.

This guy is the next asian UFC champ. Watch!

We go to xS like at least twice a weekend. Many would say that it's the best club in this town right now. Some will argue that it's the best venue in the westcoast. I say nay and think it is wiggity wack. The clientle bleh... The music[fart sounds]... The positive I can think of is the architecture. Amazing!

Fred+George with the Zoolander 'Blue Steel' look.

Mik will give you the GASFACE.

We interrupt this program for a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT.

Wearing shades in the club makes you look like a douche.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program.
I think that girl is from the 818. Seen her before.

Stumbling into the Wynn to get free drinks.

There's the girl! Anelise got my mouth open[NO HOMO].


Hot in the streets!

I really am tempting fate.

The night before my SF mini vacay was Mik's birthday gathering in the Town Square. I got to the spot after work and sh*t was mellow. We had to change that quick!

Another GASFACE victim.

Add caption here.



I have a collection of these. Man up!

George is the only guy I know that gets seriously injured by ice. They laughing at you. Especially the guy that did it.

Geo came through after his Hawaii trip. Stop touching ya balls, nigga!

The guy is trying to engage you in a convo. At least pretend to look like you care.

I need to come back to this spot and take photos of the walls. Pseudo-authentic looks.

Good to see this guy's face. Haven't seen him in a minute.

To Be Continued...

Misandry is equally as bad as misogyny.


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