Monday, August 10, 2009


Drinking is fun. The problem with our kind of drinking is that I never remember the fun that happened the night before. I do not remember what I said to the girl at the bar or if I slapped a girl on the ass in xS[and got 86'd]:/ I review the pictures and things come screaming back.

I do NOT remember filming this video but I am very surprised that I was forming complete sentences and not slurring my speech. I still have faith in my convo game when I'm completely wasted.

BAY AREA PIZZA from Jonathan Calo on Vimeo.

They say I can sexualize anything. Inanimate objects.. Random situations.. Anything. People around me have been taking notes or maybe it was in them all along[NO HOMO]. It just took a little bit of alcohol to loosen the speech.

Listen to Paul in the background. Hahahaha.


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