Monday, August 10, 2009


Hip Hop died? When did this happen?!? How come no one told me?!?

Man listen, Hip Hop ain’t dead. I figure they say it’s dead because the air waves are smothered in Electro and the TV is plastered with Souljah Boy. Hip Hop is alive and breathing, it is what it is. A culture, a way of life, an artform, and it is constantly morphing, changing. The ones who say it is dead are the ones that don’t morph and change with it.

On the Cosby show you would catch Mr. Huckstable and one of his old time friends sitting in the basement next to an old record player saying, “They don’t make music like they used to.” It’s true, they don’t. There is a new generation of listeners and producers armed with a whole new arsenal of production artillery.

So ask yourself, “Is Hip Hop Dead?” and if your answer is, “Yes,” then maybe you should ask a different question: “Or am I just getting old?” I’m positive the answer is the latter.

-DJ Buddy


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