Monday, August 17, 2009


What do you do on your summer days? BBQs are essential of course. When you add a pool and jacuzzi to the mix... how can it be more perfect? Drew and Pete's new pad has all that plus much more. It is slowly becoming OUR summer stop. I was there last week to cook the crew some steak and scampi. Oysters mmmm. I need to cook there more to get use to all their equipment. Cooking in homes is different from cooking in restaurant kitchens. It was a success in which they enjoyed themselves but the dishes did not come out perfect. Tomorrow will be TAKE TWO if I ever get over this sickness I caught over the week. UGGHH! DO NOT SWIM IN THE HARD ROCK POOL! Trust me.

That's ME chilloungin in the entertainment room of the house. I promise you, Drew. There will be mad people passed out in there that you will NOT be able to walk around in it without stepping on some heads!

Who remembers Altered Beast? POWER UP!

I don't play video games but with that screen... everything looks sick!

Our very own xS. The pool lights change colors. The purp is my personal fave.

There is a sexual innuendo here somewhere. NO HOMO.

What's that on your cup? And why is Kris soo... Smitten.


Please have them bathe you, Roxy. You stinky, stinky dog.

Drew we will give you a pass a couple times but the next time we see you like this... we are drawing vagines on your face!

MmMMM photography.

MmMMM Rambutan.

It's NOT a party if [MAN]panties aren't left in the pool. :/

My new blogging station. Illy.

She was flowin like Niagra.

This Vegas summer is not a very hot one so far. I likes.



Pete said...



super no homo.