Wednesday, August 05, 2009


We hang out at the same spots... you must already know where I am on a saturday night. The spot reminds me of the Highlands in Hollywood and I never did like the Highlands. xS is mainstream music like most Vegas clubs. The people that hang out @ xS is Soulja Boy. I personally do not want to hang out with Soulja Boy but other people want to chill with him. I'm not gonna ruin their Vegas time by complaining about the place when I kick. I will however have my brand of fun while I'm there.



Nicole+Brian Nguyen.
You have to say the whole name.

Joe and his whole crew were down for a bachelor party. He rolled in with soju in his pocket.

Mike+Kristine+Jenelle. What is that??

Rona+Brian Nguyen+Annabelle.

The bartender was also a ninja. She was flirting with Drew. Kris wanted to bash her face.

That guy right there is Doreen's mother's boyfriend's son. I forget his name. Thank you for the patron shot.

He's in the doghouse. [Never fully understood that corny saying.] Yeah. But he's in it.

We lost everyone at this point. Drunk. Hungry. We bounced out the spot.

I have to reiterate that I am useless when I'm faded. You could ask me what direction the sky is and I'd respond with a point to the left to the left.

I've amassed a collection of these. Pictures of people knocked the f*ck out is amusing to me. I enjoy it the most when it is alcohol related. Man up, nig!

The Southern Highlands Roberto's serves their asada fries crinkled. Superior.

Oh chicken taco... how I love thee.

I DO NOT like seeing the sun in the morning. N.A.G.L.


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