Monday, August 31, 2009


When I start the weekend on thursday, I know it's a going to be a rouggggggggghh week. Every weekend different LA folks come down to Las Vegas and I put in the time. It's a little difficult because I leave work @ midnight and drink with the kids until 6AM. My friends are NOT light drinkers. It has been 4 years now. Hahahaha.

I took the Silverlake homies to Joe's weekly event @ Boomerangs.

Pete got buffaloed twice on stage while he was singing.

Anthony went on stage to shake things up a bit.

Son... stop being stupid.

It was stiff[NO HOMO].

Joe doesn't sound like a strip club dj anymore. Mad love. When is hip hop karaoke night?

Next stop was Cafe Moda. The sisig is how I remember it. Drunk or sober... that dish is crazy good.

Flamingo Hotel Restrooms.

Flamingo rooms are not bad at all.

Gangster with a limp. Look out!

Back to the hotel. -N2DEEP

Two card poker is the game.

Friday night was open bar @ the GhostBar. The host @ the door was a d*ck. He wouldn't let me in at first but I know how to handle d*cks[[PAUSE]]. I got in five minutes later after some words. It was my first time @ GB. It was not impressive.

George and Eye had a debate about white girls and filipinas. He kept insisting that white girls had better asses compared to asians. Negative. I was pointing out this mexican chick's ass and this was George's reaction.

I met Jef's friends that night... also his sister.

The view from the top.

Rain @ the Palms was the next stop. It would have been my first time seeing AM in person but he wasn't there for his event. AM Rest In Peace.

The outside area of Rain was dead.

Patron shots unchilled. Uncool.

Have you ever seen six people dry heave in unison?

Photos hoot.

Maxim's Who the f*ck is this assh*le?

Went to the Tofu Hut after to grab a bite. All you can eat korean bbq. I was still hungry after. Funny.


Too much or not enough?


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