Monday, August 17, 2009


The last night in SF was relaxed. We started with drinks @ the hotel lobby before deciding where to go for dinner. My thought was to walk around dtsf and just look for a place that looked good. Someone insisted we had to know where to go before we left our hotel. They were stressin. It's a vacation, friend. RELAX.

The hotel had a list of restaurants around the area that suggested 75-100 places. I closed my eyes and pointed my finger. It didn't really matter where we ate. I was with great friends and was going to enjoy the meal no matter where we ended up. Everything was walking distance from our spot and the activities were plenty. Kudos to Paul/Gabe for researching and picking the perfect hotel.

We landed @ this Thai spot next to Post St. I am going to post the highlights of the meal. Nikki chose a curry dish and it was on point. I need to learn how to cook that!

I love soft shell crab.

After the meal we decided to change locations to find dessert. I was mad stuffed but I always save room for dessert. I spy the Hundos Post SF store.

I think Annie suggested a lounge in one of the hotels around us that served something really good. I don't remember which... might have been the Westin. Time to walk again.

The restroom of the hotel lounge. Artsy. Kitchy?


The sculpture in the lobby.

Do not be under this when there is an earthquake. YOU WILL DIE!

Nikki was hanging in there. She is a trooper.

ATM? Kat... you a naasty girl.

This painting made me crave a martini. ???

When I was in there taking photos, noone bothered to tell me that the place had closed. Time to walk to another spot. Creme brulee truck you say? No it was too far from the hotel. Would have been cool.

The architecture in SF is sick. Looking at the buildings gives you a vivid picture of the past.

Even the Walgreens building was dope. We ended up at a deli right next to the hotel. It was closed. Hahahaha. What luck. I said it before and I'll say it again... it does not apply. Talked to one of the people in there and they let us in to buy desserts. Swag.

Walked out with our cheesecakes/tiramisus and headed back to the lobby. So much food.

I rode on a trolley during the day time. Tourist sh*t. Loves it.

I was soo tired at this point from the partying to all the eating and the lack of sleep... I wanted nothing than just to plop on one of their comfy couches. But you know that was not gonna happen. It was the eve of my birthday; so, they ordered patron shots. UGGGHHH. It didn't help that my Irish coffee had cream in it and didn't realize until I finished. Gassy in public is NAGL. I think I've said too much. :/

Midnight hit and one of the hotel staff brought over a complimentary dessert. Mad cool.

Btw, my hair looks like that because SF weather makes it like that. I don't remember what I wished for. Doesn't matter. It was a great weekend!

To be continued...


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