Wednesday, August 05, 2009


On the eve of my birthday, my friends and Eye had a discussion in the hotel lobby over desserts. I don't really know how it got started. My guess is that people are getting married and thinking about the future for their children. The role models for kids today are lacking. Paris is a slut. Lindsey is a coke whore. And Miley is a closet tramp. They are who the young people look up to. My inner[traditional] views do not apply here because I feel hypocritical stating them at this point. My nights consist of trying to get 22 year old girls naked. Hahahaha. Someone has to give them attention[NO MISOGYNIST].

With that said... here are the new nudes from the Vanessa Hudgens publicity camp.


This is what your 16 year old is doing in her room. Some grow up to be doctors and some make just as much one dollar bill at a time.


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