Monday, August 24, 2009


We started Doreen and Jen's birthday @ the Hard Rock pool. They had two cabanas waiting for us and a bunch of bottles on ice. Bobby BottleService in full effect! Saw the regular faces and met some new faces as well. People were having a good time. Went upstairs to the room to see the kids partying ahead of me. Will offered me some sort of liquer that almost made me vomit. Not cool. We head downstairs to the cabana to meet the rest of the crew. They were drunk already and one particular person was being obnoxious. I noticed this also but those were not my words. Someone else was verbalizing it. Whatevs.

Went to Pink Taco after the liqour dried up. Mad drama in there about a slot machine that didn't pay out. It has to be part of my group that's starting the commotion. What else is new?

Why soo serious?

Free drinks are always good... even if it's Mexican.

Little Ole Miss Paint It!


I don't smoke...

I drink.

No Homo.

Sleeping my life away.

There's that Mexican beer again. I don't like Mexican beer!

Red Velvet.

The Run-Aways.

I'm here for the gangbang. -Old School

Vintage signs.

They can't mess up a prime rib no matter which casino you're at. The Hard Rock has an all you can eat special for $10. All the sides, extra creamy horseradish, and extra aus jus por favor.

The birthday girl with the birthday crack.

A view of the pool afterhours. It looks nice but that thing is a cesspool of sperm, STD, and vomit. I swam in it because I'm a genius. If they took a survey of the dirtiest pools in LV... I wonder who would come out on top? This would be on the top 3 for sure.



Bye bye Rocks Hard. It was a fun getaway but time to go back to my own private xS.


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