Sunday, August 09, 2009


This girl says that this creepy guy was asking about her tattoos. About how far they go down into her chest. I guess that's a creepster kind of question coming from the wrong person. I have said the most crazed/obnoxious/retarded sh*t to a girl and still got a positive reaction. Like really stupid sh*t. Hahahaha. It is only creepy when the dude delivering it makes it creepy. And deep down inside, girls invite the attention from certain people even though they do not realize it. So, if you don't want comments about your tats... cover up that tramp stamp! Just saying.

/End Rant.

Anyhow. We're gonna Tarantino this sh*t and I'm gonna blog starting from the middle. This is saturday night right after that great meal. I expected to leave the restaurant hungry but I was stuffed before dessert came. That is going to be a separate entry. I was disappointed that the photos did not come out as good but I'll make it work. Slide was the destination and it was recommended by deejay friends; so, it had to be good. Right?

Nikki met up with us after Michael Mina. Slide was walking distance along with everything else. Frisco folks are always ready for the uphills. I wasn't.

Nikki: Ewww he's sweaty and he keeps bumping in to me.



Having a four course meal and taking vodka shots after was not the wisest of choices.

Slide had an internal temperature of a hundred degrees. Sweating in the club is N.A.G.L.

Deuces up!

F*ck shots. Let's just drink from the tap.

Yea it will get ya there the fastest!

Gabe is a troop-errr.

Almost there. They're doing the Vegas dance! LOL.

This girl had a scent I didn't recognize at first. Oh!.. it was B.O. Not SO much sexy.

The chick pulled out her own shot glass, Paul. Tsk tsk. When you're right.. you're right.

Nikki went from knocked out...

... to wide awake again. We had to take pics on the slide @ Slide.

Drunken good times.

I direct people to do poses when I'm faded and they do it. I don't know why I told her to go up there. Sorry Niks!

This guy sang a song from Remember the Titans to all of us. We felt special and broke the guy off a couple of bucks. The next day while we were walking around dtsf.. another bum was singing the SAME EXACT song. Womp womp. Can't knock the hustle! I guess bums don't beg in SF.. they entertain.

A different bum comes up to us asking for money.

Me: I don't carry cash homie. Sorry. Hey Paul why don't you give him a pizza?
Paul: [thinks about it.. long silence... and just walks away]

Bwahahahahahahaha. Cold blooded.

One of the two heart pieces in DTSF. I <3 U.

Let me get in on this.

I dunno. We were done, son.

Paul is soo excited and he just can't hide it. Deuces!

If you turn a heart upside down.. it looks like a sweet, sweet booty. I guess that's the logic of me humping it. Drunk.

Girls love booty too. Kiss. Ass.

Back to the hotel where it's warm.

To be continued...



Anonymous said...

exploring sf i see. hope you had fun.


it was a blast!

4 days was not enough to explore that place.