Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I was at a birthday party when Kristine calls me to meet up @ Tao. I roll up to the place and greet the host. Skip the line like we usually do. He said I looked "corporate" that night. [Note to self: throw out that fit.] I head to the small room upstairs and find the girls already faded. I buy Kris one more drink and she is dunzo.

I'm NOT that short... but she was unusually tall. I find it hot.

Rihanna under my umbrella. ella. ella. Okay that was ghey. :\

We hit the Grand Lux in the Palazzo. I was still in perfect buzz mode... maintained with a patron pine while they ate.

These Lux flautas are supergood! Get familiar.

Her napkin was smiling :).
It was a good night.


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